Top 7 BLACK SEED OIL Benefits Posted on 30 Oct 22:53


* Liver Health

* Diabetes

* Weight Loss

* Hair Loss

* Skin

* Infections (MRSA)

Key causes of Male Pattern baldness Posted on 21 Jul 12:26

You are about to discover, Why the root cause of male and female hair loss isn't aging. its a steroid that our body produces. and is responsible for hair loss.  steroid called DHT, Is normally Responsible For the Growth of Prostate Cells. Which comes from lower testosterone, and as we get older our bodies convert more and more testosterone in to this steroid. which comes from women ovary's and men's prostate. DHT causes lower testosterone levels and can be the major cause of prostate cancer in men and in women throws the body out of hormonal balance and cause mood swings, hot flashes and  even depression. DHT gets into your hair follicles and kills them. DHT is when the body take normal testosterone and turns it into this steroid. as your body produces more of this steroid it leads to rapidly accelerating hair loss. 

stay tuned, There is more to come.